Friday, 4 January 2013

My Green Motto for this year

I have decided to give myself a motto for being green this year - If it's recycleable, compostable or flushable then I will do that with whatever it is. I want to recycle as much as I can this year, try to reduce the amount that goes in our black bin and put more in our green bin. So far I have flushed away all the wipes I have used. And I have been sorting out my folders full of info about writing and being honest with myself if I need them or not. I have put a lot of papers for recycling so far. Still have some more decluttering to do as I am working my way up to my bedroom, where I know there are more papers and magazines that need chucking out. I want to keep what I really need for my writing business and nothing else.

So, what motto have you given yourself this year? And have you pledged to be greener than before? I can' t be as green as one man in Birmingham that was in the paper the other day. He only had one black bag to put in his black bin for the whole of 2012. How far have you gone to be green?

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