Sunday, 20 January 2013

Short, middle and long term goals

I have recently read Simon Whaley's ebook 'The Positive Productive Writer' and one of the things he mentions is good to have is short, middle and long term goals. So I have decided to let you know what mine are for this year. Here goes.

Long term goal is: to reach as many readers as I can.
How am I going to do this: There are 3 ways I have in mind, and I am already doing two of those. First, I want to find ways to get more readers on line. So, I have in mind to register with WattPad, as that is where I can find more YA and teen readers for my Guardian Angels series. I have already started working on the first of a new series of short stories about a magical matchmaking village. I had a short story I'd written years ago called The Shoes about a nasty woman who is taught how to be nice by magical shoes. I am rewriting this so she is wearing boots that make her nice and get her the attention of a man at work whom she fancies. The other way is to create a store selling products promoting my YA and romance series' with Zazzle, and I have already begun that, too. Writing more genres so that I am reaching a wide range of readers.

Middle goal is: to complete the first short story by February 14 and epublish it myself on all platforms. And by end of the month to have a few products out there promoting the ebooks, and promote them online. I also want to order some badges on Zazzle to sell personally. I also want to finish Billy by at least mid-Feb and send it to my professional editor. I want to epublish it by the end of Feb.

Short term goal: Today is to type up changes to first village story (done), and to write more on Billy, my young children's book I plan to epublish too.

So what are your short, middle and long term goals? And how are you planning to do them? Let me know.

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