Monday, 7 January 2013

Publishing Strategy 2013 - Final Part

So I have reached the last questions I need to ask myself before writing my business plan (which I intend starting on today after lunch). Here we go:

Which social media platforms are really working for me? And which ones would I like to add? Well, I think that Facebook is working for me, but not Twitter so much. I now have a Street Team on Facebook which I really need to work more on. I want to add Wattpad to this as I have read that young adults use this a lot, and my Angel ebooks are targeted for them.

What are my readers and fans saying about my 2012 releases? I don't know, as I haven't had any feedback from readers, only other authors saying they sound like nice stories.

What can I do to continue to create my multi-media empire centred on my brand? I plan to order some badges/buttons with pictures of angels on from Zazzle and hopefully sell them at events. I plan to write and publish a new series of short stories about a magical village. And I plan to raise awareness of Asperger's Syndrome in adult, esp women, with publishing articles about my life with it.

Which Indie epub platforms am I seeing growth on and not? Well, both Amazon and Smashwords I am seeing sales go up, earning more on Smashwords. Kobo not so much as I've only sold one ebook on that. I am thinking of selling my ebooks through my website via Ganxy, but yet to work that one out.

What will my prices be this year? I am sticking to the 99cents for ebooks under 10K. Ebooks that are between 10 and 20K will be $1.99. Ones that are between 20 and 30K will be $2.99 etc. My goal is to reach more readers, and I feel that these prices are working for me now, so why fix it.

What will I do to continue to stand out as the purple cow to publishing Oz? I think my main aim is to raise awareness of Asperger's/Autism in adults by releasing my blog posts as articles, as those blogs have got lots of comments, and positive ones too.

Is my target audience the same? No. I feel that I want to reach out more to adults with my romances. Reach out more to teens with my Angels. I also want to reach out to the younger child with my series of magical school books I have started. And I want to reach out to adults with autism and adults who have children with Asperger's to let them know what life can be like as an adult with it. So watch this space...

That is my strategy. Now to get working on my business plan.

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