Sunday, 27 January 2013

A new part to my business empire

This past week I have been having fun with a new venture and a new part of my business empire. Near the end of last year I found an ebook by a woman called Christine Britten about how to market goods on an online store website called Zazzle. I read this ebook and thought, that sounds a cool idea. I didn't do anything about it then as I was busy editing and publishing my third romance and third YA ebooks. Then a week ago I thought I'd have a look on the site and see how I could create my own store on Zazzle. It is so easy. And it is super fun. You can design merchandise such as mugs, buttons/badges, tea towels and alsorts of other stuff with your own designs. So far I have made mugs, tea towels, badges and other things with the designs of my romance and YA covers, and sayings that appear in my romance ebooks, eg the full saying of my One Good Turn is One Good Turn Deserves Another. I want to create as many items as I can, and there will be more as I write and publish more ebooks to do with angels. If you want to find my store here is the link.  Next I want to create postcards for A Trouble Shared and the Railracing Angels ebooks, and much more. So watch this space, as I plan to blog about how I am going and if I get any sales.

See you soon.

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