Thursday, 10 January 2013

A new year and same health plan

I am back on the Slimming World Food Optimising Plan. I put on a few pounds over the holidays and now I want to get back to being slimmer. I thought if I began blogging about it here, then I would be accountable to others and it would be the incentive to keep at it and not let it go down the pan. I began it on Monday. Had a few dates but no walnuts. I think that might be the day I had a stomach upset too, so the next day my weight went right down. But then on Tuesday I fell off the wagon, and I had a half packet of crisps, a seed bar, some nuts and dates, and the weight came back on. Yesterday I was serious about it. I had an extra mint but no nuts and dates. Today my weight had gone down half a pound. I aim to lose a couple more pounds and be really serious again about this plan. I collected the free booklets in the paper over the last five days and have kept them on the coffee table so I can see them and know I have to do this.

It is about exercising as well as eating the right foods, and the right portions of foods. So far this week I have done at least an hour of walking (inc walking round Sainsbury's). Today I did 7 mins to and from the newsagents to get the paper. And I have been wandering round here at home doing things such as emptying bins and putting out our recycling.

So, next week I will come back here and let you know how I got on with the food and exercise. See you then.

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