Sunday, 30 December 2012

Publishing Strategy 2013 - Part 2

So, here are more questions that I will ask myself and answer to build my publishing and business plan next year, which is only a couple of days away. Eek.

How many ebooks did I produce this year? And was that a comfortable pace for me? How many would I like to do in 2013? In 2012 I published 4 short ebooks and 1 short story. I did feel this was a good pace for me, but next year I want to release more short stories to go inbetween publication of my two series to keep readers happy. I want to also release two YA short ebooks as well as an anthology of the first 3 in the series, and maybe publish it POD with Createspace. Something to learn to do.

Which series will I continue to write? Any I won't continue? New series? I am continuing with both my YA and adult romance series, as both seem to be selling now (in the last few days I have sold 6 copies of my Xmas romance on Smashwords, and am a happy bunny). I have in the pipeline to write a series of short stories based on a small village with magical secrets. Can't wait to start that. I also plan to publish e-articles about living with Asperger's Syndrome, expanded from my blogs this year.

Has my production team continued to work well with me in producing high quality ebooks?Yes. Both my editors have really helped me learn more about writing, grammar and sentence structure. My cover designers have given me great cover designs from basic photos that I choose.

Real Sales Numbers and Financial Review:  OK. Until recently my YA series seemed to be selling more than my adult romances, but they seem to be levelling off now. Numbers are quite low but I feel they are slow burners and will reach good levels soon. Finances: this year I ordered postcards and posters for my adult romance series and cards for my YA series and visited libraries, but I don't know if I actually did any good or not. So, next year I am saving money by creating my own with some coloured cards I have. I started to create flyers promoting my first two adult romance stories on this month, so I think I can do it for both series and any new stories forthcoming.

What major milestones have I hit? My new milestones? I hit one year in my indie journey. And I hit the coveted amount of $10 on Smashwords enabling me to apply for that ITIN next year, which will let me have my royalties without them withholding 30pc of it from me. So next year, my new milestone will be to earn at least $100 across all platforms from my ebooks. I also want to sell a few more of Rosie books.

Last question for this week. How did my indie epublishing buzzwords work for me? What will they be for next year? Well, magical realism and angels mostly, with Asperger's Syndrome chiming in near the end. Next year I want it to be more magical realism with romance, and Asperger's matching it. I plan to release my blog series about being an Aspergirl out into the open world so people can understand where I am coming from.

So that is all for now. Next week I will answer the rest of the questions, and hopefully have started writing up my new business and publishing plan.

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