Friday, 1 February 2013

Carrots - fresh v tinned and frozen

In the recent bitter weather we have had here in London, and the UK, my mum and I thought it a good idea to buy tinned and frozen carrots in case we couldn't get out shopping for a while. Well, we have tried both and here is my verdict.

We tried the frozen ones first in spag bol. We left them out to thaw before slicing them to put in the spag in a pan. When we came to eating the meal, we both thought the carrots tasted watery and weak. That was a no.

Last week we tried the tinned carrots with a roast dinner. This time we ate them separately but poured veggie stock on them. Verdict - still watery and weak, but I didn't think they were as weak as the frozen ones.

In my opinion, fresh ones beat both frozen and tinned. Their taste is so much nicer and more carroty. The others didn't taste that carroty at all.

So, when it comes to healthy eating and esp carrots, fresh is best.

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