Thursday, 2 July 2009

Library talks

I heard back from the Head of Children's libraries the other day. She asked me how I thought my talk went, so I said OK but thought the Q&A session afterwards went better so might focus on that area in future. She told me that as I don't have a medical background she was concerned that I might be misinforming the children about what I am talking about and wants me to email her my next talk so she can have a look at it to see if it's suitable or not. I have revised my talk to make it more interactive, another thing she advised, as well as mentioning books and websites which she also advised to include. I have decided that I might just do talks and sessions about my book and writing in future for libraries, if I get the chance again. Once I've reworked the talk I will email it to her saying that that would be what it'd be like if I talked about healthy eating again.

Meantime I am still waiting to hear from one library and the Head of Bromley libraries. And I have started writing chapter 1 of Georgina's story.

See you soon.

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