Sunday, 5 July 2009

Another library, more promo

Well, my mum and I managed to find Croydon library on Saturday. I got to speak to one of the children's librarians who took some of my promo stuff, a book and my contact details. She said she'd pass the stuff to the Head of the Children's libraries, and gave me the email address and phone number of the lady. I will wait until Wednesday to hear from her, and if I don't then I will phone her to ask about possibly doing an event there. I have decided that if I do do any more library events, they will be based wholly around my book and my writing as I feel that is a subject I am more comfortable talking about.

I forgot to say that to get to the library on Saturday, I had to go to East Croydon train station because due to engineering works no trains were going to West Croydon station. I have not been to East Croydon station since 2005 when my mum fainted, banging her head and breaking her wrist and it gave me bad memories. I had to overcome my fear of the station and managed to do it. I got very nervous waiting for the train going there, felt about panicking when I was leaving the station and was OK once I'd left it. I wasn't too bad when I got there to get the train to go home. Hopefully I will be able to go there again now that I've done it once as it is quicker going to East than West.

Will let you know what happens.


Nell Dixon said...

Good for you on facing your fears.

Julie Day said...

Thanks Nell. I hope that I can go there again without feeling that fear anymore. Maybe if I get to do a library event there.

Sandra Mackness said...

Hi Julie. I think you were looking for help re finding your local radio stations. If you access the BBC website, you should find all their outstations. Another method is to buy the Radio Times. They list stations in a wide range of your local area and you get the frequency as well. Good luck.
aka Toni Sands