Friday, 24 July 2009

End of holiday

It's now near the end of my holiday. Haven't done much due to the weather not being so good. I had the blood test done on Wednesday and was very brave because the nurse had to do it in both arms in the end. She found a vein in my left arm but it refused to give blood, so found a vein in the other arm and thankfully got lots of blood for that. Will get the results next week. Went to Greenwich Park the other day and got followed by a squirrel, because we were feeding the squirrels some of our monkey nuts. Saw some deers there at a distance, they were sitting down. Had my hair cut this morning and that is it for this holiday. Have read a lot this holiday. So far have read 5 books. 3 Intrigues, 1 Stephanie Meyer and 1 Nell Dixon (Nell, if you read this I really liked Animal Instincts. I thought it was a gentle romance with a hint of mystery). Just started reading the 6th book, another intrigue.

Finished writing chapter 2 of Georgina yesterday and will type up the rest of chapter 1 later on. I want to email it off to someone for a workshop I will be going to in September. Meantime, I got a letter from Pegasus today, asking for the rest of Allie. So I will be printing off the rest of it over the next few days. Fingers crossed....

Well, must get on with reading some of my emails here. Talk more next week.


Nell Dixon said...

Hugs, Thanks Julie, I'm glad you liked it!

Julie Day said...

Pleasure Nell. Have passed it onto my mum to read, see if she likes it.