Saturday, 18 July 2009

Holiday time

I am on holiday still and having a good time spending money. I went to the library on Wednesday. They took a book, poster, flyer and bookmark, said they'd pass it on to the children's librarian to have a look at and get back to me. I gave them my business card with my home no on. So that's 3 libraries I am waiting to hear back from.

I had a lovely spa treatment yesterday. I discovered this one locally which is only 15 mins walk from where I live, and they use natural and organic products. My mum and I each had an anti-stress facial with neck and shoulder massage and a manicure. The massage was lovely although it hurt a bit, prob cos I was tensed up a bit. We've decided that we are definitely going there again. It doesn't cost us to get there and there are no stairs for my mum to trip up. I spent a lot of money there on some of their products, which are quite dear so will only use for special and weekends.

This morning we went shopping in Bromley and I spent a lot of money there. I bought another mac (red), 2 nighties and 2 silky blouses with tie backs on. They look wonderful on me but no so on Mum as she liked the ruby coloured one. The other was ivory. So all spent out for today but v happy with purchases. Later I will be writing some more of Chapter 2 of Georgina's story, who I've decided will be black after listening to the founder of Tamarind Books talk last week.

Well, this is it for now. Catch up later in the week when I've done more things.

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