Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Promo update

Well, I heard from the Croydon woman last week and the answer was no, they can't do anything for me. The reason was that to do an event there, if they want to bring my books in they have to do it via their library supplier, and they haven't got my book on their list. They said they'll keep my details for future use. I left a message on the ansamachine of the Bromley lady and still wait to hear back from her. In the meantime, my successful news has appeared in Crystal, one of the small press mags that I subscribe to, along with the page about my book from my website. It will also be in the next issue of Creature Features, the other small press mag I subscribe to. And I have a letter in the current issue of Natural Health magazine. Not the star letter this time but still a letter.

Tomorrow I will hopefully be visiting another library in another borough and hope they can offer me something, as I'm keen to give talks another go.

Well, this is all my news for now. See you later.

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