Sunday, 1 March 2009

Meat alternatives

I have had a reply from Nell, who is concerned that I am giving up too much protein. Thanks Nell. I am giving up the meats this week coming, starting with chicken and lamb, but eating turkey with lunch during the week. The following week is turkey and eating beef. Duck and pork I don't eat anyway. I will be asking the nutritionist on the phone on Wednesday about what other proteins I can eat. I have looked into Quorn but on the web it had milk proteins as one of its ingredients so that ruled it out. I have found falafel which is mainly made from chickpeas which should be OK for me as houmous has that in too and I love houmous. I had veggie stir fry for dinner today without chicken. My mum and I have already worked out a menu for each day's dinner next week and for most of the following week. I don't know if it's a good thing, I think it is, but doing this has made realise how much meat I do eat and I am going to cut down on eating it and have alternatives. Like one time I have turkey steak with rice and beans, the next week have falafels or beef burgers with rice and peas. Same with curry. One week have chicken curry the next time have beef curry. I have also found pitta bread which I shall try with salad tomorrow. I am keeping a diary of all this because I have been told to, and will talk to the nutritionist about it all on Wednesday and at the follow up phone call a month later.

Watch this space for how I get on.

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