Sunday, 15 March 2009

Prize and new food

Above is the prize that I won for the Star Letter in Natural Health Magazine this month. Look great don't they? I haven't tried them yet, probably next week. You use the exfoliator cream (on right), then the moisturiser (on left). The serum you can use daily but I will use it at the weekend as a treat. My cheque for my TV letter in the Mirror came on Friday and yesterday I got in the post my winnings from the contest Nell Dixon (Hi Nell, thanks) did on her blog last week. All will come in handy.

I have been trying new foods and have found things I like and don't like. I tried pineapple and mango fruit spread which has an odd sweet taste. It's OK but I won't buy it again. I have also tried falafal, which tastes slightly dry and spicy but gave me gassy pains after eating it, so won't have those again in a hurry and yesterday we had beef grill steaks which tasted yummy, better than burgers. Today we bought beef sausages to try sometime. Found out that the diarrhoea I had last weekend was a stomach bug going round London last week, which makes me happy it wasn't anything to do with what I've been eating.

Well, now to get on with reading some of my emails then revising Allie and a short story for an anthology (hopefully).

See you later in the week.

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