Friday, 27 February 2009

Results are in

Well, I got the results of the food intolerance test on Wednesday and ho hum. As I knew already, it tells me I am intolerant to cow's milk and soya bean, but I am also intolerant to...all oily fish, turkey, chicken, duck, pork and lamb. I don't know where the duck and pork come from because I don't eat those (I will ask the nutritionist next week) but chick and turkey, oh dear. We have those a lot for dinner. Turkey came worse than chicken. The oily fish came from the omega 3 capsules I had been having and have now stopped taking those as I believe they could have been the cause of the recent IBS I've been suffering from in the mornings. My mum and I are going to go through the results thoroughly tomorrow so we can work out a menu without the meats for next week and maybe week after. I think the guide it came with says that it's best to eliminate the foods with a number 1 reaction (the lowest) because their antibody levels can reach normal first then the number 2. So it will be chicken and lamb first to eliminate, cow's milk and soya I already don't eat because I knew I couldn't eat them. I looked at the last test results I had done in 2006 and saw that both fish and meats were on there as well, so obviously I couldn't eat them then. I can eat beef as it was on borderline, which means that I may or may not benefit from deleting it from my diet, but I won't. I might investigate quorn as a meat replacement. I will enter the results here as well as in the food diary they have given me. So watch this space. I have a phone appointment with a nutritionist next Wednesday to discuss the results and ask questions about adjusting my diet, which I really need help with if I can't eat meats. Again watch this space....

Back to work now.


Nell Dixon said...

Mmm, sounds as if your diet would be very restricted and I'm not sure where you'd get enough protein from if you eliminate all those things. It might be worth asking your GP for a dietician referal just to make sure you're ok with cutting out so many things. I've seen people come unstuck before on these tests so perhaps I'm a bit over cautious. I'm sure you'll be very thorough though about checking it all out. Hope you feel better soon.

Julie Day said...

Thanks Nell. I have been looking in the shops this weekend for meat alternatives for protein. I can eat beef though,which is something. I have read that beans, pulses and grains are good proteins so we shall have a look at those. I will ask the nutritionist what I can eat though on Wednesday. Thanks for your concern. Watch this blog for more info on how I get on.

Gina said...

I'll be very interested to see how you get on with this.

I am a little confused about the oily fish. Do I take it that you don't eat oily fish as part of your diet but had been taking Omega 3 capsules (presumably fish based)? I'm just surprised because I thought that most of the time we react to the protein in a foodstuff and that is usually the problem.

Did the nutritionist tell you why you came out as positive to duck and pork when you don't eat them? Did they come out as strong allergies (4) or were they some of the less strong ones (1)?

Sorry to be so inquisitive and please ignore anything that is intrusive. It's just that I've been thinking about this test for a while and I keep hearing such different reports.