Friday, 20 March 2009

More about foods

Well, the pineapple and mango fruit spread didn't agree with me in the end. I finished it off yesterday but had too much of it and ended up on the toilet for a while before going to work (sorry if that's tmi). I bought blackberry jam the other day, so that's the next flavour to try. I had goat's cheese and beetroot sandwich today but I don't think that agreed with me either. It was either the fact that I had to crouch over a bit to eat at lunchtime or the combination of the two foods didn't agree but I felt like I had IBS again this afternoon. Thankfully my stomach has settled down now, so I can try the beef sausages for dinner. One food that I did buy and both my mum and I really like is an organic vegetarian pate from Holland and Barratt's. I am going to try it with tomato on tomorrow as I do want to try eating more salady stuff, although tomatoes are fruit. Might have a look at their ordinary pate tomorrow.

Talking of H&B, Mum found out yesterday that they now sell organic toiletries. Hurrah. Shall have a look at those tomorrow too, if they have them at the Bromley branch, which is small.

Still working hard on Allie. Have decided to do one more revisions after the one I'm doing now, as I want to cut out one thing I've put in and change another. I am now at just over 53,000 words and would like to get down to 50,000. We shall see. The short story is now ready to email off to the anthology publishers, just have to add various names and titles to it as they need it.

Well, off to check if some documents have been signed so I can post them on Monday.

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