Sunday, 22 March 2009

Sausages and ALCS

Well, I had the sausages on Friday and they were quite tasty, although they did leave a fatty and greasy taste in my mouth afterwards. Will probably have them again another time but not too soon as I weighed myself yesterday and put on 2 pounds, the 2 that I lost after Christmas. Now I have to lose them again, which I find hard to do these days. Made a start today by doing 40 minutes of pilates. Yesterday we had sweet and sour, me with beef and Mum with turkey, which was delicious, today we are having pasta in sauce with veg.

I got a nice surprise in the post yesterday. I got a letter from the ALCS (Author's Licensing and Collecting Society), who collect royalties for authors of photocopied works. Well, I registered with them last year after hearing about them at a talk and have registered most of my stories and letters with them to date. Then yesterday I got a statement summary telling me that over 2 years I have had royalties of over £180, minus membership fees, comes to over £140, which will go into my bank this month. It certainly brought a smile to my face as I seriously didn't think I was going to get any money out of my stories apart from what I get paid for them. I know differently now and will keep on writing stories and letters for papers and magazines. And I shall keep up my membership with them.

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