Thursday, 5 March 2009

Food for thought

Well, I had the phone chat with the nutritionist yesterday and I have had to rethink my diet for the next 3 months. She said that as I am mainly intolerant to meat and fish, it probably means that I'm not digesting the proteins properly, and I should drink at least an hour before and after meals to help digestion. A bit hard when one of my IBS tablets says I have to have it 20-30 mins before eating, but I shall try. She also said that to get the best results is to eliminate all foods I'm intolerant to at least 3 months, so that is why I have to think again about what I can eat. I am going to have to have a good search for other foods I can eat instead of meats now, not just for dinner but for lunch. I have started to take my acidophilus (spelt correctly?) first thing in the morning and last thing at night as she suggested to see if that helps too. I am having meat in my lunch today because I didn't know what else to have until I have a good think and search in the shops. I get a follow up phone talk in a month's time. So watch this space to see how I get on the first month.

On a good note. I got home last night to find 2 surprises fo rme. 1: tickets for the Vitality Show I'd booked at the weekend for 27th March. Can't wait to go and see that after this new diet I have to try, and 2: my prize for the star letter in Natural Health. It was in a nice purple box, all bowed up, and has in it an exfoliator cream, moisturiser and antioxidant serum. I shall use all of those with pleasure as they are made from all natural and organic ingredients. My kind of toiletries.

Well, must get on with some work now. Be back at the weekend with more news of my new health regime.

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