Monday, 19 May 2008

Sugar or Sweeteners

Which is the worst evil, do you think? Well, I thought it was sugar, which is why I swapped eating tictacs with Smints but now I'm not too sure. I recently discovered that aspartame, which is in Smints, isn't good for people with high blood pressure (me) so I decided to swap those for another mint which has another sweetener called Sorbitol in. Ever since I started to eat those mints, they seemed to have a laxative effect on me, so I read about sorbitol in my Diet Dr's book, and what did it say were the side effects of sorbitol? Diarrhoea, flatulence and laxative. All 3 which I have been suffering from this last week or so, and especially the last few days at home. So I am now stopping eating those mints and am going back to eating tictacs, although in affect they are just lumps of sugar. I did read in the book that some sweeteners are even sweeter than sugar so people eat more of it, which is bad for them. You just can't win, can you with these things?

Must go back to work.

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