Friday, 9 May 2008

Composting Day 4

So what else can you compost. Egg shells, which are crushed. Although mum has tried this and they don't break down that well, so she is now using them to put round plants to ward off slugs. Apparently slugs don't like/can't crawl over crunchy things, which is why shells deter them.

The other thing I found out, which is good for compost is urine. Yes, don't laugh. I saw this on a tv programme last year about a reporter and his family who were reducing their carbon footprint over a year and they were told that urine can help compost become better. The reporter actually went down to his compost at night and peed on it but afterwards we thought what he could've done was to pee in a pot then take that to the compost. Much more convenient. Not that you will get me putting my urine on the compost. Be rather smelly, although would probably save flushing water a lot of the time. The reporter and his family did manage to reduce their carbon footprint over the year a hell of a lot, mainly by giving up their car for the period, and ended up not wanting it back. They used bikes and walking for transport, which is much environmentally friendly.

Well, I shall finish these compost talks tomorrow or Sunday at home. I do hope that someone has read these and learnt something from them. Please let me know if you have.

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