Monday, 12 May 2008

Composting last day

Yesterday was the last day of National Composting Week and I'm a day late. Well, here I am again. What do you need to start composting? Either a compost caddy with compostable caddy bags or if you can't afford those then maybe an empty ice cream tub with the caddy bags or even if you can't afford those bags then next best thing is normal plastic bags (although these aren't very good for the environment as they take 1000 years to rot down). And you need a compost bin or two. You can put your scraps in the caddy box/tub and once it's full then empty it into the bin in your garden. Note: don't put whole potatoes in the compost bin, cut them up then put them in as my mum did this and has found that the potato has sprouted inside the bin. Ho hum. After a while the tub will smell so you have to throw it away. The beauty of using compost caddies with their compostable bags is that you can use the bags time and again and then compost it and it doesn't make the caddy smell.

Well, that was my talk on composting for the week. I shall go back to writing about my writing and health issues.

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