Thursday, 8 May 2008

Composting Day 3

I forgot to say that you can also compost teabags and tissues, but with tissues that mustn't be contaminated with oil or disease (eg used to blow noses). I have also read that you shouldn't compost potatoes either although my mum does, and I think she has just found out why. She has recently discovered shoots growing up in one of the compost bins and has to find out what is the cause. She thinks it could be the potatoes/peelings she's put in there.

You don't need to keep running up to your garden every time you have something for the compost, you need to have a compost caddy in your kitchen to put the scraps in every day and once it fills up then empty it to the compost bin. Sainsbury's do a compost caddy with biodegradable compost bags for this purpose, but if you can't afford to buy one of these then the cheaper version is what my mum used to use and that's an empty ice cream tub. You will need to wash it out after a while because it will smell but it is handy to use. If you can afford to buy a proper caddy and bags then it is all better for the environment.

So that is my compost talk for today. Shall try to think up something to say tomorrow and rest of the week.

Back to work now.

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