Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Composting Day 2

Here I am again. So what can you compost? Well, basically they fall into 2 categories - greens and browns. I can't remember all that you can but greens covers fruit and veg peelings, and browns covers papers, card. Somewhere in there you can put in leaves, branches etc from the garden, and you can also compost any cotton things such as cotton undies (this I found out from an interview with Bob Flowerdew in a recent New Consumer Guide). So I might try that when my next pair of undies go to the wall. You need a good mix of greens and browns to make a good compost otherwise the compost won't turn out that good. You can buy compost bins at your local garden centre. We have 2 in our garden so whilst one composts down during the colder weather we can fill the other one up and vice versa.

I shall tell you another ridiculous story I read in the paper last week. A woman had lost her allotment because she wanted to use natural compost instead of weedkiller which probably has lots of toxic chemicals in, which in turn probably would ruin the plants as well as the weeds. I ask you. The Government wants people to try to help the climate by advertising a Climate change website yet councils are urging people to do the opposite and put fruit and veg on the landfill and pollute the air with toxic chemicals. What do we do, eh?

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