Tuesday, 6 May 2008

National Compost Week

It's National Compost Week this week. If you have a garden and are a keen gardener, you should have a compost bin or two to put all those fruit and veg peelings you use at home. If not, don't delay and get one today. One of my passions is helping the environment and composting is basically recycling any food scraps to use in your garden.

I want to blog here each day about composting this week and today I'm starting with a ridiculous story I read in the paper last week. I can't remember which borough it what is but a grocer was doing what he thought was the right thing and was putting all his old rotten fruit and veg on his own compost bin. His council didn't like that and has told him that he has to put it in with the rest of his rubbish, which then goes onto landfill. I ask you. The government wants us to recycle and not fill up landfills so quickly, yet one person who I believe was doing the right thing, gets told the opposite. It made me wonder how on earth that council found out about what the grocer was doing in the first place. Mm....

Shall blog tomorrow about what you can and cannot compost.

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