Thursday, 14 February 2013

Sensitive skin, citrus and alchohol (drink and in toiletries)

What do the above have in common? Rosacea. I have had sensitive skin for many years now being fair-skinned, but it only recently in this v cold weather we have been having that I have noticed a dramatic difference in my facial colour. Years ago my cheeks used to go bright red, but after starting to use natural and organic products it calmed down. Now this last month I have noticed that it has got a lot worse, and it's not only the cheeks that go bright red but my forehead and rest of the face too. When I was out in the cold yesterday I felt my face tingling, going red with the cold, and this is one of the symptoms of rosacea. Extreme change of temperatures. So, what does citrus and alcohol have to do with it? Well, both can make rosacea worse. I had been eating clementines up until yesterday but have now cut those out. I also had been eating lemon marmalade now and then, and will cut out that and have a jam instead. As to alcohol. I don't drink due to medication I am on, but I have read that you should avoid using toiletries with it in. Using natural and organic products I thought I might be all right, but no. I have found different sorts of alcohol in hand creams and facial creams and washed. There are several different types of alcohol to watch out for, and not just alcohol. There is alcohol denat, cetyal alcohol, benzyl alcohol and a few others that I can't pronouce. I have read that most of these are skin irritants. So, this coming weekend I am going to go through all my toiletries I have been using and empty them if they have any of those in.  If I do have rosacea then I shall have to read labels v carefully from now on. I did start to use natural soap on my face but thought that was too drying for my skin. We shall see what happens.

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