Sunday, 3 February 2013

More goal setting - a new goal for February 2013

Yesterday morning I went to a goal-setting brunch near Covent Garden. It was organised by one of the members of SCBWI at the conference last November. There was a matter of finding the place first. This time I had the London A-Z with me, and had one page in particular. I ended up asking a few people and found that I had passed the street I needed. So I had to backtrack and find the street again, which I did. I wasn't the only one that got lost. Knowing the way I came, I managed to find my way back OK.

Over brunch, I had a toasted tea cake with strawberry jam and a glass of peppermint tea (v nice too), we talked goals. We were given a small brochure where we had to write our main goals - mine were to reach as many readers online as possible, and raise awareness of autism in adults esp women. I told everyone my first main goal. Then we had to write down how we'd reach that goal in bite-size steps. We talked about how we were going to do this and what they were. I had a very interesting and useful chat with a couple of others about raising awareness of autism in adults and how to go about it. Anita (Hi, Anita) said that her brother in law had recently published a book of poems that inc ones by people with autism, and would I like him to have my details as he would be interested in other writers with autism. I said yes. Hopefully she'll do that today. I wrote down a few other ways to do this. And this chat has spurred me on to find magazines about disablities and approach them about an article or doing a column. We then talked more about what we were going to do this month and when by. And had one goal to do this month.  I found this really inspiring and useful and can't wait to go to the next one.

My main goal for Feb is - to find a magazine about disabilities and approach them with the idea of either doing an article or a column about living with Asperger's. I have managed to find a few articles about writing for them. and how to write articles in themselves, so will read those. About to look up these mags online. Will look next week when we go shopping for them in  a store. So watch this space...

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Candy Gourlay said...

I'll keep an eye out for magazines on that subject and let you know ... you might also consider publications in the United States and some online sites.