Friday, 21 May 2010

Writing Update May

I went to a talk last night organised by British SCBWI and it was great. I always love to hear how other authors write and hear what advice they can give to us other authors. Last night's talk was by Sophie McKenzie who writes teen thrillers. She has had published Girl, Missing, whcih is all about a girl who discovers that she might have been abducted as a child and goes to find the truth, putting herself in danger. I got this book for Xmas and it was good. She has just started a series called the Medusa Project about 4 teenagers with psychic abilities. This really interested me because of the powers I am giving my characters. So I bought the first book in the series, signed. Sophie gave us tips on how to write for teens, and I can't recall all she said except it spelt out as DISCIPLINE, which she said was the word Malorie Blackman gave her as the difference between her last book that was rejected and the first that was taken on.

Other news. I hope to type up the rest of the amendments for Allie this weekend and start printing it out to send to the publisher. Meantime, I have already started revising Georgina and continuing typing up the first draft.

I had a school turn me down for a visit the other day as they said they had one author already give a talk, for free. Disappointed I was but then the next day I got an email from another school who are interested in me visiting them. They did want me to visit next month but I said I can't due to ongoing things happening with me but could do from Sept onwards, even though I don't know if I'll be working or not then, and were they still interested. They said yes and will get back to me in a few weeks time. I might suggest the first full week in October as that is National Book Week so would be a good thing for both of us. Watch this space...

Back to work now..

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