Sunday, 2 May 2010

Writing Part 2

I have been reading a reference book called, Yes! You can learn to write for children, be published and build a successful career (or something like that) by Nancy I Sanders. If you really want to make a career out of your writing then this is the book you need to read. I particularly like her Triple Crown of Success which is the following: Write for Personal Fulfillment, Write to be published and write earn an income. This really got me thinking about how I write. The first one I realise is writing my reader's letter, my blog and writing for other people's blogs, the second is writing for the small press magazines as it's all about writing for no pay/low pay magazines, and the getting that contract. I write 3 days my novel which is the third one, the fourth day I usually either write for publication or personal fulfillment, but mostly the second one. I have just read a chapter on writing for periodicals and it has given me the idea to try to write for magazines (children's) on quizzes. It is worth a go, as my workshops are all about questions. So watch this space.

Allie - I have now got the book down to 30,390 words. Only 390 to go, although I want to add a page at the end of the book to readers about the book, so make that 490. I feel that I can do it now and won't be long before I can reprint it all and send it off to the publisher in mind. Again, watch this space.

Now to have a look at a children's magazine website to see if I can find their guidelines.

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