Sunday, 9 May 2010

Another writing update

Well, I had my second Chatterbooks session on Thursday and it was more successful than the first one. We all sat round tables, and I gave my talk, answered questions, then did my new workshop. I call it my alphabetical name game, where I get the children to pick out a bit of paper from an envelope with a letter on it, and they have to name as many fruit and veg they can think of within 5 minutes. Then I ask them to think of magical powers of that fruit and veg to help sick people. The answers I got from that one were very interesting and imaginative. The librarian and parents all either made it into a food that helped cure things such as stomach ulcers, and the children used their imagination to make weird magic powers. We really enjoyed ourselves and I ended up selling three books. One of the parents, whose children were too young for Rosie, said she'd buy it when her children were old enough. A great time was had by all. The librarian said she would talk to the other librarians about the session, so maybe I'd get something more from it. I will definitely do more of these sessions in future and am thinking of contacting other boroughs to see if they are interested in me doing their sessions.

On Friday, after a very bad day at work (another story), I came home to a bit of a surprise. I had received a cheque for £25 from Chat magazines for a letter I had published a couple of weeks ago, and I didn't know. So now I have to phone them up to ask if I can have a copy of that issue.

Allie is well on her way to her target word count. I have it now down to 30,024 words, so not that far to go now. I need to cut more than 24 words because I want to include a letter to readers at the end of the book. I hope to get it done by end of next week as I only have 2 more chapters to reread and amend.

Well, this is all for now. Now to eat some fresh strawberries and jelly.

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