Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Rubbish Diet Week 7

Well, this week is an on-going week for me at the moment. Week 7 is all about decluttering and clearing things out and I have been doing that on and off since the new year. Over the last couple of weeks I have started to sort out one cupboard of all my things, which has most of my writerly things in such as folders with research in from mags and papers. I have so far sorted out 3 drawers and have chucked out lots of papers I didn't know I had but now don't want, so they went for recycling. Have also found 2 big scrap books (one half used and one new), and tore out the used pages and put those for recycling. The books are now upstairs in another cupboard where I keep my spare writers pads and pens. I also found a pen that I didn't know I had so will use that very soon. I have one more drawer and the cupboard space to sort out, then I want to do the other cupboard and my little cabinet by my computer desk.

So you see what I mean about it being on-going.

Week 8 won't be for a while yet because it is no waste week and that is impossible at the moment due to a health problem I'm experiencing and the hay fever season (I think my mum might have it too).

Back to work now.

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