Wednesday, 26 May 2010


I have just started reading 'A Curious Incident...' by Mark Haddon, and yes, I know it's years after everyone else has probably read it but there is a reason why I am reading it now. The reason is that the character in the book has Asperger's (a type of autism) and I wasn't originally going to broadcast this but thought it might help people I am in contact with understand me better - it is that I believe I have Asperger's too. It all came about following the failed interview I had a few weeks ago and the feedback I got as to why I failed it. It was down to communication, lack of understanding questions, quickness to get information and these all relate to Asperger's. I read a few articles that my mum had taken out of magazines before the interview, and those were mentioned plus difficulty to make eye contact, social interaction, tone of voice (saying something that other people think is rude but it's not meant to). Well, following this, I saw my gp, who wasn't that helpful at the time, then I saw here at work a disability officer, whom after talking to her said that I definitely had signs of Asperger's and I had to get my gp to give me a referral for an assessment. So back I went to the gp, and saw a different one this time, who was more helpful asking me various questions. Having had these chats, it has made me realise that there was definitely something different about me during my childhoold. I definitely had difficulty fitting in with other children, I still do with adults, which again is related to Asperger's. I have mentioned this to work, esp HR, who will pass the message on to people who might offer me jobs in the near future (I am being made redundant from the job I've been doing for 20 years). So if you meet me and I appear shy and wont' talk then you can understand me and who I am.


Nell Dixon said...

Hugs, my middle daughter is somewhere on this spectrum too. Many talented and creative people are but it can cause a few hitches in other parts of your life.

Julie Day said...

I know what you mean. For me it's the communication and interaction with others.

Shaniqua said...

Really sorry to hear about your job. Aspergers or not, we all have different strengths and I'm sure you will find yours. Best of luck.

Jenko said...

Sounds like your work are lacking understanding, and more worryingly, discriminating against you because of a disability - which is against the law.
You don't deserve that after 20 years service.
Best of luck though.