Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Rubbish Diet Week 6

Well, Mum and I learnt some things we can compost from week 5 - Mum uses latex gloves in the garden but then throws them away after using both sides, but now she can compost them. I now compost hair from when I've washed mine. Week 6 was all about what you use in the bathroom. I now and then flush wipes down the toilet but it says not to so I won't. Also I have decided to now use bars of soap instead of soap pumps in bathroom, esp soaps in boxes and not in plastic. That way I won't be putting things in the landfill, whereas I can only recycle the bottle part and not the pumps. Mum has written down the amount and cost of the pumps compared to the soaps and written down when we started using one, to see how long it lasts, then will probably do the same with the soap to see which lasts longer. Cost wise though, soaps are cheaper than the pumps, and that is something we need to look at now considering that I am facing redundancy.

Well, this is my rubbish news for this week. I shall write it in more depth for the rubbish diet blog later on when I've finished the challenge.


Nell Dixon said...

Hugs, hope you get good news on your job. You can also make soaps and detergents which are eco friendly.

Karen Cannard said...

It sounds as though your rubbish diet is going really well Julie. I remember a time when all my family used to have were soap bars. Then there was a massive explosion of liquid soaps on the market in the 80s and I thought they were posh by comparison. So, when I got my first job I started buying them LOL. Hope all works out well with your job. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you. Best wishes, Karen.

Julie Day said...

Thanks both of you for your wishes about the job. Something has cropped up recently that tells me why I failed the interview and will make people understand why I am like I am. It is called adult autism/asperger's. If I do have it then that will explain a lot of things about me.