Thursday, 3 December 2009


Well, I met Holly and friend Bernie on Monday. Holly has already emailed Blackwells about a signing and they replied they don't do book signings but the place next to them does. I am meant to be emailing Waterstones at Bromley and will do that at the weekend when I have time. We had a nice time meeting and talking and shopping around Liverpool St Station, which I didn't realise was huge.

I had a hospital appointment yesterday after I had to have a blood test. My red blood cells are slightly enlarged and they're not sure why. Most of the common reasons were ruled out as they either didn't apply to me or I was OK. The only solutions they came up with is either the liver or the bone marrow, but then ruled out bone marrow because usually if it's that then the blood count goes up and up and mine goes up and down, so that leaves the liver. I read up on the liver last night and if it is that then it makes sense about everything that has happened to me over the last few years. I am now waiting to get an ultrasound for the liver and have a follow up appointment in March, the day before the school visit. So we shall see. I don't want it to be the liver but on the other hand I do as it will explain all the illnesses I have had over the years.

Must get on with some work now.


Nell Dixon said...

Fingers crossed everything will be fine for you.

Julie Day said...

And everything else Nell.