Friday, 4 December 2009

Another party

I have another party to go to tomorrow. It's the annual RNA chapter Xmas buffet and am looking forward to it, esp after this week and Wednesday (when I had to wait over an hour to see the consultant). Looking forward to meeting up and chatting to everyone again and talking writing.

After a lot of reading and thinking have come to the conclusion that it is probably to do with my liver that all my health problems have come from, and that the liver isn't working the way it is. So when I go shopping next week, I am going to find something that can help the liver although Mum has said if it is one of my medications that is causing the problem, then as long as I am taking that and whatever else I try to take to help it, it will always be there. We shall have a go anyway.

Signings - progress is that Holly got a reply from Blackwells saying that they don't do signings themselves but they do support events that the arts club next to them do and should contact them. So that is what Holly is going to do. Meanwhile, I will email Waterstones at the weekend about my stint. Let you know the outcome when I get it.

Back to work now.

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