Friday, 11 December 2009

Decision and schools

I have finally made a decision about Allie. I have decided that I will wait until I finish Georgina and if I don't get any luck with other publishers then instead of turning it into 2 books, I will do what they originally suggested and try to cut it down to 30,000 words. I have already thought of ways to do that so we shall see. With this decision in mind, it has made me even more determined to get on with Georgina's story and perhaps try to cut it down to that same word length like Allie. This could be a good idea because I know of one publisher who only publish children's novels to a certain length, so if I do manage to do it, there are more choices for me to go to. Watch this space. Meantime, I am about to make things happen for Georgina at school.

I had an email from Sydenham yesterday letting me know what they want me to do in March. First is a talk about my book, then a workshop about 5 ways to eat healthy and 5 powers to make things better, then talking about how to write a persuasive article. I will give it a go even though I am not that good at trying to sell myself but have an idea - it's what they usually say about writing, write what you know. I still hope to sell some of my books there.

Back to work now.

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