Sunday, 29 November 2009


I was going to write about the party last weekend but I fell ill instead so didn't get round to doing it until now. The party was really good. I met up with my friend Angela and we went together. There I met a few new faces and chatted with them about writing,and even inspired one to read a Neil Gaiman book after she read about him in a paper there. I also chatted to friends I now, Janet and Jean (hello ladies). I got tips about setting up book signings from Janet and chatted to Jean about why I turned Pegasus down. She told me that I'd done the right thing, which pleased me no end. Janet's tips will be passed on to my friend Holly tomorrow when we meet for discussion about our own book signings.

Saturday was when I started feeling ill,although I did manage to get to Bromley and do most of my Xmas shopping. Then on Sunday I got a cold and cough (still have the cough) and felt sick and couldn't eat my food. Then on Monday I felt worse,had a temperature, and was tired all the time and wanted to sleep. The dr told me over the phone it was a virus going round but I am sure it was a UTI (urinary tract infection) as I have had those before years ago when I was a child. Wednesday was the first day I started to feel myself, and it was my birthday so had to make an effort. I got lots of bits and pieces and a laptop bag from my brother,who came over and fixed this laptop.

Meantime, I got rejections from an agent and a publisher, and also got a notebook from Writers Forum magazine for a letter to be published in the next issue out next week.

I have a day off tomorrow when I will be meeting fellow children's writers to talk over what we will be doing next year for our signings. Can't wait to meet them, esp Holly. Then back to work on Tuesday, day off on Wednesday for a hospital appointment to hopefully find out why I keep falling ill-something to do with my blood as I have to have a blood test when I get there. Will tell you results of tomorrow's meeting and Wednesday's test on Wednesday afternoon.


Nell Dixon said...

Hope you feel better soon and a belated Happy Birthday!!!

Christina said...

Happy belated birthday, Julie! And hope the tests go well - am also currently suffering from some sort of cough/cold virus so send all sympathy.

Julie Day said...

Thanks ladies. I am feeling better now but still have the cough. Christina, there is a cold/cough thing going round at the moment.