Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Job, health and snow

I had a nasty shock the end of last week about my job. I found out that it is now at risk. My dept is merged with the one downstairs and there are 4 full-time posts covering them. Because of the cuts that are going on everywhere, a plan has been put forward to reduce those posts. They want to create a new student centre on the ground floor of this building and have 3 part-time posts covering it, and to create those posts, they want to cut out mine and a colleague's current roles. It is just a plan put forward for now, but if it goes ahead then it means that mine and the colleague's jobs will go and we will have to either be made redundant or go for an interview for the part-time posts, hopefully be selected or face redundancy. Not a nice place to be just before Christmas. I really hope it doesn't go ahead as the more I think about what we do up here for the students, the more it does not make sense to do it. The outcome doesn't happen until March and up until then there will be meetings and chances to ask questions and find out your options. Fingers crossed.

I had an ultrasound scan done yesterday. Was so pleased when it was over because I couldn't eat anything the whole morning after breakfast and had to drink lots. Thankfully I wasn't that bursting to go after it but was hungry. I had a bit of a lunch with me, so ate that in the reception area before going home and then ate a few more bits at home. It was a scan to look at my liver, and I get the results in March when I see the consultant.

I hate this snow! It is so icy and dangerous to walk on. I usually walk to the station each morning but with this snow I have been getting the bus as it's safer. I really hope it melts soon and we don't get anymore of it. It might look nice to look at, making the buildings seem clean but when you have to travel in it, it's a nightmare.

Well, must get to work now. Be back later this week before Christmas.


Nell Dixon said...

Hugs, what rotten news. Hope the tests come back clear and all is well with your job.

Christina Jones said...

Hoping that things will work out well for you with your job and your writing and your health in 2010, Julie. love, Chris x

Lola said...

Sorry to hear that. I hope you've spoken to your union. Would redundancy bring a nice sum to just work on your writing for a year or so?