Thursday, 29 October 2009

First school booking?

I have had possibly my first school visit booking, for next year. A couple of months ago I emailed my old secondary school asking if they'd be interested in me visiting them to talk about my book. Well, earlier today I got a reply finally from them saying yes, they are interested in me visiting them next March during book week. They'd like me to talk about my book and maybe help a group of girls create a magazine about healthy eating in school. I have provisionally said yes because I have yet to get my 2010 leave card here at work, which won't be until next year. I think I will have to book the whole of that week off in case I get more invites. Of course I will charge them. I don't know what my mum will say because she has already told me she doesn't want me to go back there as I was bullied there. We shall see. But I do want to go there and get rid of any demons and bad memories I have of being there when I was a pupil.

Watch this space...

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