Monday, 19 October 2009

What's happening

I went to the dr on Saturday after I had a phone call last Thursday to say that I had to repeat the last blood test I had. My iron levels are fine (which is what I thought the problem could be), the problem is my macrocyte count. It's the size of my red blood cells that are the problem, they are slightly higher than normal. The dr said it could either be caused by one of the tablets I'm taking or an infection. Not sure what that means. I will be having the blood test on Thursday.

Meantime, started working hard on Georgina again. Because I hadn't been working on it properly over the last few months I had forgotten what powers I'd given her and had to read the chapters I'd typed and printed to see what I had written. I now know. So far have typed up to near the end of Chapter 4 and it already comes to nearly 20,000 words, which I feel could end up being longer than Allie. Which then will mean that I will have a lot of cutting to do. I already have some in mind to do for the first chapter following the Fantasy workshop I went to 4 weeks ago, and some other revisions that came to mind after that.

Well, must get on with some work now.


Nell Dixon said...

Sounds as if your blood test is showing up your recents infections, Fingers crossed that it all settles down for you soon.

Julie Day said...

I hope so too. I do feel today that my cold is finally coming to an end after all.