Friday, 9 October 2009

Chemical nasties

I found out the other night that a handcream I'd been using the last few months had a chemical in it that I usually avoid. I bought the handcream in a set at the Vitality Show from a company that I thought sold natural and organic products, which is why I bought it. Then the other night my mum mentioned that she had read in a book called Toxic Beauty about chemical nasties that this company hadn't been registered/certified as organic. So I had a look at the handcream and one of the ingredients (if that's the right word) was proplyene glycol, which is a chemical preservative that can harm your skin, and have been avoiding it since starting using organic products. So that handcream went in the bin and have replaced it with another that I know is natural and organic. Thankfully, both of the bath washes from the same company are OK and have no chemicals in, which is strange.

Then Mum looked at her skin cream she uses for her skin condition and noticed that not only did it have parrafin in but one of the other ingredients had SLS in, which is a skin irritant. She wasn't sure what to buy after that, and I ended up asking if she had been OK with it, and she had so told her to continue using it, although I am very dubious about that decision now.

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