Monday, 5 October 2009

It's going

I finished off Checkmate yesterday and packaged it ready to go today. Mum is taking it to the Post office for me. Now all I have to do is sit and wait for a reply from them. Meantime, I will get on with working on Georgina and a short story for an anthology, whose deadline is the end of December.

Regards to the Chinese restaurant, I tried to contact them again on Saturday but still no answer so they have lost our custom and I am putting it behind me. Have decided to try to find somewhere else to eat other than Chinese, possibly Nandos.

Must get on with some work.


Nell Dixon said...

Hope you feel better now, Julie. How annoying about the restaurant! Fingers crossed for the submissions.

Julie Day said...

And I have everything else crossed for the submissions Nell.

Yes, it was v annoying about the restuarant but have put that behind me now.

Jen Black said...

When I saw the title Checkmate I immediately thought of Dorothy Dunnett - have you read her books, Julie?

Julie Day said...

Jen, no I haven't. What are they about?

Jen Black said...

Historical romances. A series of six set in Tudor times started the whole thing rolling way back in the sixties. Excellent reading. The series all had chess themes in the tile and Checkmate was the sixth and final one.