Monday, 9 November 2009


Well, I am definitely visiting my old secondary school to talk about my writing next March as I have already confirmed it with them. I will be talking to Year 7 and 8 then giving advice about creating a newspaper on healthy eating. I am quite looking forward to it as I have already had a few ideas to discuss with the class. Meantime, I have been emailing more primary schools asking if they would be interested in me visiting them. No replies yet.

More happenings is that I have now got 6 people interested in joining a group for book signings next year and will be meeting up with 2 of them next month to talk about it. I can't wait as this is all new for me and exciting. It appears that group promotions are the rage these days as 2 of the interested authors have dropped out saying they will be possibly joining groups in their own areas. Great fun.

Meantime, have sent queries to two publishers about Allie and am working on Chapter 6 of Georgina, as well as finalising a short story for an anthology.

Nearly home time so shall go now to do my washingup.

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