Friday, 23 October 2009


Yesterday I emailed Pegasus asking them to either email or fax me a reply about Allie if they hadn't already. Then when I got home last night there was a letter from them. They are offering me a similar contract to the one for Rosie. I have turned them down saying that I need to save money now and had decided to try to get it published with a conventional contract. So back to square one for Allie. I already have a few publishers in mind to send a query to but it won't be for another week. I don't have time for researching it this weekend as I have a meeting in Holborn to go to tomorrow then on Sunday I want to type up revisions to a story I have done for an anthology. It will be the week after that I will send it off again, and in the meantime I will be looking at the submission guidelines for other publishers for Allie, as well as for Checkmate.

I will still be working on Georgina as I do like writing these books and so want them to be published.

Must get on with work now.

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