Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Electricity and Checkmate

Well, Sunday morning was fun, not. My house was one of hundreds within several boroughs that was affected by a fire at a electricity sub-station in the area, which consequently stopped electricity. So we had no video, no washing machine, no cooker etc. We had gas, so my mum struck a match so I could heat my porridge. Her washing was on its last cycle when the electricity went, so it was still soaking wet. It affected 8 Sainsbury's, including the one we usually shop at that morning, so we ended up going to the one at Lewisham which wasn't affected. Thankfully by the time we got home a few hours later, the electricity was back on and we had to set all the timers again.

Checkmate - have now finished the last draft of the whole book and am now reading it all through again to make sure there's nothing I want to add or delete. I added something extra to Chapter One. Put my hero and heroine on the first page. I don't think there is much more I want to add, as I've already added in the bits I had jotted down before. I aim to get it all done by the week of the conference so I can print it all off and get it ready for posting the following week. I think I have a bit of work to do on the synopsis though. At the moment it's just over 2 pages (double line spacing) and it needs to be only 2, so that it can go into 1 page when I change it to single line spacing for the RNA's scheme. We will see at the weekend when I type up the amendments.

Must go, phone's ringing.

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