Friday, 20 June 2008

Good news and bad news

The bad news is that I got home last night only for my mum to tell me that our next door neighbours' van had been stolen. That is really horrible. Our neighbours are a really nice family. The parents both have jobs and work hard for their money. Their 3 girls are lovely and well-behaved and they didn't deserve to have this done to them. What is worse is that they had their van all equipped ready to take on holiday to France later on, and their van was their only transport. Now they have to find another van either to rent or buy. Aren't some people awful?

Good news! Had a letter from one of the publishers yesterday asking me to submit the rest of my teen novel Rosie. It's the next step to being published and the first one to ask me for this. So this weekend, as well as completing Checkmate, I will concentrating on printing up the rest of the book and getting it ready to post to them next week. Fingers crossed, eh?

Now back to work.


Nell said...

Congratulations on the request!

Mickmouse said...

Dear Julie

Saw your posting on Wordpool and found your blog, fantastic news, really excited for you. It must be a magic feeling to have an anwer like this instead of a rejection letter. I have sent a synopsis in recently and watch the letterbox for the white envelope, preparing to hear good or bad news. Sorry to hear about your neighbour's van, horrible when bad things happen to nice people.
As a writer there is something hugely satisfying about knowing someone else is interested in your work.
All the very best

Julie Cohen said...

Hooray for the request, Julie! I hope they snap it up.

And I hope your neighbours' van is found, too.