Tuesday, 24 June 2008

It's Gone!

Well, I managed to print the rest of Rosie off on Saturday and it's now either on its way to Cambridge, where the publisher is based, or they have got it already today. It says on their website they take 3-6 weeks to read the ms once they have requested it so a while longer before I know the verdict. Fingers and everything else crossed in the meantime. While I wait to hear about Rosie, I will be starting Allie's story this week. I was going to start it today but had a bad night's sleep last night and now very tired, with sore throat and possible slight hay fever. Will start it tomorrow. I have already done preliminary work on Allie. On Sunday I wrote out her timetable so I could work out what can happen in what lesson. Have decided that things will start happening in her maths lesson. It will have an extra twist to this story because I have decided that as well as a teacher enemy, who won't be a proper enemy as such, there will be a proper enemy who tries to undermine Allie and her powers.

Well, all is very quiet here at work and I have been getting on with filing, which suits me just fine today the way I am feeling.

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Mickmouse said...

All the very best for Rosie. Hope it is nearer three rather than six weeks for you to hear.
Both books sound really interesting, keep us posted!