Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Chemical, colours and cornflakes

If you have been reading my blog you will know that I am trying to avoid man-made chemicals. Well, there are some cases that I can't avoid and one is being prescribed tablets from the dr, which is what happened yesterday. I had been having pain in my right shin, and went to the dr who said it was probably muscle strain and gave me ibuprofen. I looked at the ingredients and it said that the coating, which is bright pink, has both talc and propylene glycol and the colour in. The 2 chemicals I have been avoiding and the colour, well, I tried to find it in my health books but doesn't mention it. It leaves a bright pink stain on my tongue after I've taken it. I am only going to take them for 2 days (inc today) then see how my leg is, because I don't want to take more than I have to with those chemicals in.

I have been eating cornflakes again for a quick breakfast, now that we are going to open at 9am in the near future. I have been eating Sainsbury's cornflakes which are lower in salt than Kellog's but higher in sugar (slightly). I can't win with either. We did buy Sainsbury's because we thought they were lower in both salt and sugar than Kellog's but appears not, and Sainsbury's I think tasted better and were crunchier. We shall see because Mum had to buy some Kellog's the other day when we had to go to Lewisham for our weekly shop and they didn't have their own ones there. Let you know.

Well, must look like I'm working now. Back soon.

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