Sunday, 6 April 2008

Here is the proof that I actually saw and met the 2 original Diet Doctors, Vicky Edgson (on left) and Dr Wendy Denning (on right). They were very friendly and helpful ladies and am was so pleased I decided to go to the show in the end. I am now blogging to expand on their talk entitled Beyond Calories in, Calories out.

Dr Wendy first talked about factors that can help you put on the weight and asked the audience if we thought hormones, stress, exercise, thoughts factor in keeping weight off. I put my hand up to all but thoughts. I was interested to hear what she had to say about hormones, as my problem I believe all lies with the stress hormone, cortisol. Then Vicky mentioned 6 points and I can only remember about 5 of them. They are 1. always eat breakfast, 2. include protein with each meal 3. eat no more than 3 hours each time a day 4. eat little and often, 5, eat a variety of foods. She mentioned that if you were on her programme she'd make you eat at least 20 different foods a day and over 100 a week. Made me think about what I eat. I eat different breakfasts every 3 days but my lunch doesn't vary that much at all each day, and dinner does. I am trying to think off what I can eat that makes it variable.
Then it was a Q&A session and when to drink water was asked. Answer. Sip with meals not drinks glasses with meals as it intterupts the digestion system, which I knew anyway. Also soya was mentioned. It now makes me think if it is hard for us people in the western world to digest soya properly because we are not used it then why do people tend to put it in everything, esp bread. My mum reckons it could be a cheap product that is why. I also read that soya is a main culprit why the rainforests are being destroyed so quickly, for the production of soya for animal feed and other foods.

Well, my health went downhill earlier in the week. I suffered from a bout of exhaustion again on Wednesday and Thursday. I believe it was a combination of being very tired after a bad night's sleep and my body not coping with only being 2 of us instead of 3 in our team at work. I managed 2 hours at work on Weds before having to cry off (literally) and go home. Was better on Friday but tired again on Saturday after another bad night, all down to sugar I think. So from now on I am going to try not to eat sugary foods esp chocolate stuff. I am going to see my endocrine consultant again on Tuesday for the test results so will ask him about if sugar affects the cortisol levels and sleep patterns. When I mentioned it last time he didn't say a word. Watch this space to find out the answeres.

Well, this is all for now. No more to say on the Vitality Show apart from will definitely go again next year, and possibly to the Real Food Festival that I 've seen advertised. Sounds interesting and up my street.

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