Sunday, 30 March 2008

A tiring but amazing day

Well, my mum and I went to the Vitality Show on Friday and it was fantastic. If you are into healthy living then I recommend to go. It's over for this year but there should be one next year, which I hope to go to again. After 1 train ride and 3 tube rides, we got to the show in Olympia about 11.15am and the first thing I had to do was go to the toilet. After that we found the stage where we planned to listen to a talk that afternoon (more about that later), then we wandered round. It is as big as I first thought with 2 floors. One of the first things we came across was a Rosemary Conley fitness stall where we had our Body Fat measured for free. Both our BMI and Body Fat rates came out excellent and I was told that I don't need to lose weight. What a good start to the day. More wandering round, we picked up a couple of freebie bags and bought ourselves each a crystal emery board, which we were told lasts much longer than normal ones. Then at lunch time we went up to the gallery where we sat and ate our lunch, then wandered round upstairs. The Bupa centre was booked up for the day so that was out and there wasn't much else to see there so we went back downstairs. We picked up more freebies and bought several healthy bars and drinks, then went to the talk by Dr Wendy Denning and Vicky Edgson, the original 2 tv Diet Doctors. Their talk was called Beyond Calories in, Calories Out and all about how to keep the weight off after losing it and the factors that count ie stress and thoughts. I was interested to hear Dr Denning mention about hormones esp high cortisol levels and that in turn can lay fat round your middle. This made me think is that why I can't lose weight now because my cortisol levels are high. Then Vicky talked about food and a vegetarian asked about protein for diets and she talked about soya and that we should ease it into our diets because the western world isn't used to eating it like the eastern world. This got me thinking again. Was that why I ended up becoming intolerant to soya because I went straight into eating/drinking soya once I found out I was intolerant to milk. Probably. All in all it was a very interesting talk and they are very friendly ladies. After I heard Dr D talk about stress I was prompted to ask a question about advice for raised cortisol levels. She answered about keeping a check on your blood sugar levels and stress levels, incase I was sensitive to that. After the talk, I took a photo of them together (to come later to prove I did see them) and talked to Vicky who suggested to eat as much fresh foods as possible, inc meat. So next week I will start to eat meat from the deli counter and not packed as usual. We had a brilliant time there, bought lots of goodies inc a bag each on the way out, and picked up lots of freebies, inc the biggie of a water filter fridge jug, which happens to be too big for our current fridge. I learnt one important thing from the day. Not to stress about my weight. One person tells me I am OK, another says that high cortisol can lay down fat.

There was one more thing I learnt from what I had been given on Friday. My body is definitely intolerant to milk. Of the foods that were freebies were a KitKat Sensation and Alpen bars, all containing milk. I ate the KitKat on Friday night, and 2 Alpen bars yesterday and ended up with diarrhoea. From now on I won't be eating anything which has any kind of milk in it or anything with soya in, but esp milk as I know that was the cause of my problems this weekend and I was a fool to even eat one Alpen bar let alone 2. I've learnt my lesson, so to speak. I also want to avoid anything with added sugar in to control my blood sugar levels as Dr D said in her reply to me. We came home tired but happy that we went and my mum says that she'd love to go next year. Roll on the next one, I say.

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