Friday, 18 April 2008

Good and bad foods

I shall start with the good foods. I have recently discovered courtesy of the Vitality Show, where I originally sampled it and bought it, the 9 Bar Pumpkin Bar by Wholebake foods. They are a mixture of different seeds with honey and taste really nice. Even my mum who normally doesn't like seeds likes them. I usually don't like pumpkin seeds but mixed with other seeds they taste OK. The other foods I like is banana chips, but unfortunately they have now turned into a bad food. After eating some each day I found that they were giving me an IBS symptom so have now stopped eating them. Maybe I will try them again some other time but not each them each day. I bought them because bananas contain tryptophan which makes serotonin, which as mentioned in the last blog here I believe I am low in. The other bad food is aspartame, which is a sweetener put in things instead of sugar. I have been sucking/chewing Smints a lot these last couple of years and recently read something alarming in a health magazine. A reader wrote up asking how they could help their high blood pressure and was told to avoid eating a variety of foods, and one of those was aspartame. As I too have high bp, I was alarmed at this news. So, I am going to try to look for something else to suck which is refreshing and doesn't contain too much sugar and sweeteners, esp aspartame. Watch this space.

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